Decorations & inclusions for Christmas 2019

Get enchanted by our selection of decorations and inclusions that will bring joy to all of your confectionery, bakery & pastry, ice cream and dessert creations. Use our eye-catching colors, festive designs and irresistible tastes and textures to make your offerings stand out this season. Add color, add texture, add flavor and create products that people will dream about well into the New Year.

Transfer sheets: festive designs

Discover how you can make your creations look as good as Christmas feels with our selection of chocolate transfer rolls and baking papers. Our selection of designs is a combination of tried-and-true classics and new, trendy takes on the biggest seasonality in food. 

These edible designs can have up to 3 colors and are printed on PE, PVC or baking paper, to transfer some Christmas magic onto chocolate, pralines, cookies, macarons, brownies, and more!

Christmas Ruby and Caramel Chocolate
Different-shaped Ruby chocolate and Caramel chocolate pralines with a selection of white, snowflake-inspired transfer designs
Caramel Doré chocolate, dark chocolate shavings, silver marzipan crunch
Christmas Buche decorated with mushroom-shaped decorations in Caramel Doré chocolate, dark chocolate shavings, silver marzipan crunch and some gold flakes.

Sprinkles & Inclusions: Taste the magic

Make foodie dreams come true this Christmas with our sprinkles and inclusions range. Whether you use them for a delicious surprise inside or on top the possibilities are endless for all your ice creams, desserts, cookies, cakes, pralines, and more.

Full of color, flavor and texture, our range of sprinkles and inclusions is made with the best Belgian chocolate, carefully selected nuts, amazing baked and doughy pieces, delicate sugar and finest fruity ingredients.

Food colorants: a colorful Christmas

Delight consumers by using our food colorants and coloring powders. As all of our food colorants are available in AZO and non-AZO colors, and suited for vegans, you can add a dose of sparkling, bright or deep color to all your applications!

Our cocoa-based truffle powders are ideal for rolling or dusting chocolate truffles, frozen desserts, marshmallows, doughnuts and more. Where our Power Flowers are ideal to color any fat-based recipe, such as dough, ice cream, glaze, buttercream, fondant, marzipan and of course, cocoa butter. With just four colors and a little help from the Power FlowerTM App, you can create any color imaginable.

Chocolate truffles, powder Barry Callebaut
Delicious chocolate truffles covered in green, red and silvery-white truffle powder are spilling out of a white gift bag
Silver marzipan crunches and diamond shaped plaques santa print
Two eclairs are decorated with a beetroot-based red glaze, some silver marzipan crunches and diamond shaped plaques with a Santa print

Chocolate plaques, shapes and shells: Joyful decorations

A picture says more than a thousand words. This range of chocolate decorations with festive designs and images will help you tell your Christmas story. 

Made with the best Belgian chocolate, printed or unprinted, these truffle shells, chocolate shapes and chocolate plaques are the perfect way to transform your year-round favorites into true Christmas treats. Fill the printed chocolate truffle shells or place the chocolate plaques and shapes on anything from cookies and cakes to ice creams and desserts, and bring your Christmas story to life.

Christmas decorations and inclusions

Swirl Shell Red White Chocolate - Chocolate Decorations - Dessert Shell - 20 pcs
Chocolate sphere for desserts with an opening to easily fill it with mousse, ice cream, ganache, cream or praline filling. The chocolate decoration Dessert Shell Swirl Red is made of white Belgian chocolate with a red swirl print based on sugar. Dimensions are 65 x 65mm. Each pack contains 20 spheres. Tip for Christmas
Artisanal Leaves - Chocolate Decorations - Leaf Shape - 144 pcs

Chocolate decoration, chocolate shape assorted artisanal leaves made of dark Belgian chocolate. Dimensions are 37 x 65mm. Each pack contains 144 leaves. Tip for Christmas. Tip for Easter

Gold Sphere Dark - Chocolate Decorations - Ball Shape - 20 pcs
3D Chocolate decoration Gold ball made of dark Belgian chocolate with gold print based on sugar. Dimensions are 65 x 65mm. Each pack contains 20 balls. Tip for Christmas
Gold Sparkling Powder - Food Colorant - 1500gr
Sparkling Powder Gold 1.5kg. Edible food color truffle powder with gold sparkle for pastry, desserts and confectionery. Tip for Christmas

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