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Solutions tailor-made to retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Discover the finest cocoa and instant cocoa solutions, and cocoa and chocolate drinks that sell quickly

Finest Cocoa Powders

van houten dark

The original Van Houten taste. The all-time classic cocoa powder is easy to use, versatile and filled to the brim with premium cocoa flavours. For cocoa drinks, chocolate cakes and much more. Start crafting today.


van houten milk

Cocoa drink powder packed in conveniently sachets, allowing your customers to enjoy the same great chocolate taste in every cup. With a real milk foam finish.

cocoa horizons

Sustainable cocoa: getting chocolate right

Your customers want to know more about the cocoa-based products they buy. They know their choices matter and want to put their support behind brands that make a difference. That change the world for the better. Read more about our sustainable cocoa initiatives. And learn how we are helping cocoa communities grow and thrive.

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