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This soft red coating is perfect for Pastry application. 


Dark coating with an acceptable sweetness and a pleasant smooth melt.


A fine and fast melting chocolate compound for ice cream, This compound has a well balanced taste profile,sweet and cocoa.

Caramel coating

A delicious Ice Cream caramel-flavored coating.

Yellow mango coating

A yellow coating with a delicious mango taste.Perfect for confectionery applications.


White coating with lauric non-hydrogenated fats. This coating has a very white color and contains starch, designed for bakery applications.

Yellow-brown toffee coating

A yellow-brown toffee coating perfect for ice cream applications.


Dark compound coating sweet in the start and evolving towards cocoa and bitterness. Has very nice melting properties and fast crystallising.


Dark compound, smooth melting, with non-hydrogenated lauric fats. Has good enrobing and bottoming properties.


Dark soft coating with a pleasant cocoa flavor, ideal for bakery enrobing applications. The soft texture makes this coating ideal for cuttable applications. With non-lauric non-hydrogenated fats.


All round dark coating with a pleasant cocoa taste, well balanced in sweetness and bitterness.

Popping pink coating

A popping pink coating with sweet milky taste.Perfect for confectionery applications.

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