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White gel coating for pastries and confectionery. Glazing for cookies and raised, Danish and other flaky pastries. Finished glazed product will not stick to packaging.

Brush cold gel undiluted onto pastries fresh out of the oven or heat to approx. 80°C and apply to warm or cold pastries. When using a spraying machine, add 10% more water and spray at approx. 80°C.

Apricot Glazing Gel - Apricoture

Provides a protective layer layer between sponge or puff pastry and fondant glaze to ensure a perfect shine on the finished product. Can also be used as a basic glaze on biscuits. Heat slightly and apply with brush before glazing with fondant.

Traiteur-Gel, liquid

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Quick and transparent gel coating. Transparent. Easy to cut. Consistent quality. Practical packaging in bag for use with spraying machines.

Suitable for spraying, pouring and brushing on to canapés and other salty specialities. Place the packaging directly in the spraying machine. Optimum working temperature: 80–90°C. Tip: Can be flavoured by adding up to 10% liquid (wine, sherry, etc.).


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