Cocoa Horizons:
building a sustainable
future for cocoa

Our partnership with Cocoa Horizons is a unique opportunity to contribute to sustainable cocoa farming, and support farmers and their communities to live happy and prosperous lives.
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Supporting sustainable cocoa

Cocoa Horizons partners with experts to bring cocoa farmers practical knowledge and practices that help them to excel and prosper. They promote sustainable farming practices and help to build self-sustaining farming communities that protect and nurture nature and children. By providing guidance and assistance,via individual coaching in in the implementation of good agricultural practices, Cocoa Horizons helps farmers to increase their yields and their profits, all while working in harmony with the environment so cocoa can continue to be sustainably harvested for many years to come. 

Supporting communities

Cocoa Horizons channels funds into the most impactful activities for cocoa farmers in relation to productivity, the community, and the environment. In particular, they focus on ensuring children are protected from harmful work and able to go to school by deploying interventions where it's needed the most and by engaging communities.. Women are also empowered with training in literacy and business skills, enabling them to generate income and contribute to their communities. By 2025, Cocoa Horizons aims to eradicate child labor and forced labor from its supply chain.

Cocoa horizons

Supporting the environment

Cocoa Horizons works to preserve the planet for future generations. This means making sure that no cocoa is being farmed in protected areas. They also provide training for farmers to help them learn about what environmental protection entails, and how sustainable practices benefit both the farmers and the land. By providing cookstoves and tree seedlings, they enable farmers to work in sustainable ways that maximise harvests and preserve the land. Cocoa Horizons aims to completely eliminate deforestation from the cocoa supply chain and become carbon positive by 2025.

Supporting transparency

Established in 2015 by Barry Callebaut, Cocoa Horizons Foundation is an independent organisation. Their work is made possible with funds from the sale of Barry Callebaut’s Horizons cocoa and chocolate products, contributions made by third party donors, and academic partners, and through collaborative impact projects with brands and customers. Annual third-party verification and publicly available reports ensure transparency and accountability. All decisions made by the board are aimed at furthering the foundation’s mission to improve the lives and profits of cocoa farmers using sustainable practices. 


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Supporting partnership

A key part of Cocoa Horizons’ strategy includes working directly with cocoa and chocolate suppliers like Van Houten to help promote the benefits of sustainably sourced cocoa products to consumers. By partnering with Cocoa Horizons, Van Houten is able to go beyond simply delivering sustainably sourced cocoa products to our customers. We’re playing a role in creating positive change for the people living in cocoa farming communities, and in championing the use of environmentally friendly farming practices that benefit farmers, the planet and chocolate lovers all over the world.

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