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No Palm Nut
A dark hazelnut filling with no palm.
Intense Chocolaty
An dark filling with 24% chocolate powder and hazelnut. Creamy texture.
Extra Nutty 19%

An intense hazelnut filling with 19% of hazelnut.

La Morella
Intense Dark Nut
A dark bakestable filling with an intense cocoa taste.
No Palm Nut
An intense cocoa and hazelnut filling with no palm.
Sweet Classic Nut
A sweet cocoa filling with a delicate hazelnut taste and a note of vanilla.
Nut & Chocolate
A chocolate filling with 9% chocolate and hazelnut, with a note of natural vanilla taste.
Crema Dell'Artigiano Nocciola

A intense hazelnut filling with a creamy texture.

Sweet Classic Nut
An intense cocoa filling with a delicate hazelnut note and a creamy texture.
Painchoc Noisettes
Bakestable hazelnut-cocoa filling. Delicate hints of hazelnut.
Crema Dell'Artigiano Dark
An dark cocoa filling with a nutty taste and a creamy texture.
Gentle Nut
A delicate cocoa filling with an intense nutty taste.

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