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Hazelnut Dark 1:1
Delicious dark hazelnut paste. Dark in color and notes of dark roasted hazelnuts. 
Hazelnut & Chocolate Powder Filling
A delicate hazelnut filling with 14% chocolate powder.
Sweet Classic Nut
A sweet cocoa filling with a delicate hazelnut taste and a note of vanilla.
Gianduja Nut Chocolate
A gianduja milk chocolate with an rich and intense cocoa taste.
Clean & Clear Nut
A clean and clear cocoa filling with hazelnut taste.
Hazelnut Selection
Delicious dark hazelnut paste. Ready-to-use and freeze-stable 
Extra Nutty 19%
An intense hazelnut filling with 19% of hazelnut.
La Morella
Gentle Nut
A delicate cocoa filling with an intense nutty taste.
Gianduja Nut Chocolate
A gianduja chocolate with an rich and intense cocoa and nut taste.
Intense Dark & Nut
An intense cocoa & hazelnut filling with pronounced cocoa taste.
Extra Nutty 19% Utz

A intense, creamy hazelnut paste with a rich nut and cocoa taste.

La Morella
Intense Nut
An hazelnut filling with an intense hazelnut taste.

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