We are now in the vibrant, artsy neighborhood in the heart of Shanghai!


We are now in the vibrant, artsy neighborhood in the heart of Shanghai!

Today, we have officially opened our centrally-located Greater China headquarters as well as China’s flagship CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Shanghai.

The new and revamped facility truly affirms the company’s 15 years presence in the country. Since 2007, we have continued expanding and investing in the Greater China chocolate and cocoa market. Especially over the last three years, we set up new offices and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centers in Beijing and Shenzhen.

New Greater China headquarters and center of expertise for the largest chocolate gourmet market

China is one of Barry Callebaut’s largest chocolate gourmet markets globally and the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centers in China have become a hub of expertise, creativity and inspiration for both professionals and chocolate lovers alike.

Since 2009, Shanghai has been the headquarters for our Greater China business. This bustling city is a key geographic hub to anchor our growth, innovation, and digitalization goals for the Chinese market. Situated by the beautiful Huangpu River that is in the heart of Shanghai, the new office is designed to be a comfortable, collaborative, and efficient environment for its teams in management, sales and marketing, customer support, and administrative support.

Barry Callebaut's flagship CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in China
Since 2009, Shanghai has been the headquarters for Barry Callebaut's Greater China business

Message from the President for Asia Pacific

It is no surprise that our Asia Pacific President, Jo Thys, was excited about our new location in Shanghai. Let us share with you here his video message that was presented at the official opening event.

Our new Shanghai office and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center are by the Huangpu River. Regarded as the Mother River of Shanghai, this beautiful river serves multiple functions including drinking water, shipping, drainage, fishery, and tourism. 

Morning, afternoon, evening, or night walk by the Huangpu River is worth some of your time. Here, the Shanghai city views change minute by minute. The sights, sounds, and experiences change with each step you take. 

Here at the Shanghai Yue Jie World Expo Park, there are plenty of places to stop and sit or grab a coffee. This is a vibrant, artsy neighborhood in the heart of Shanghai. The Park carries a strong historical and cultural atmosphere and is a successful case of urban renewal. The 10-meter-high space inside the park building and the red brick exterior wall of weaving design derive the infinite reverie of the art space. The well-preserved giant industrial trusses are blended with the modern and stylish remodeled architecture. What a cool place to have our office and our new CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center. 

Barry Callebaut's cocoa and chocolates
The new Shanghai office is in the vibrant, artsy neighborhood in the heart of Shanghai

New address of Barry Callebaut's Greater China headquarters

The new office and Shanghai CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center are located at: Unit C2, Building B4-2, Yue Jie Expo Creative Park, No. 388 Bansongyuan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200011

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