Gold Hazelnut Pokie

This is a real overload of caramel and hazelnut flavours, one to be savoured.


Created by
  • Clare England - Chocolate Academy Chef

Gold Hazelnut Pokie

Ingredients Preparation
  • 185g
  • 165g
  • g
    Hazelnut Praline

Melt the 811 dark chocolate, hazelnut praline and butter together.

Mix well to a smooth, glossy consistency.

  • 150g
  • 255g
    caster sugar

Whisk the eggs and sugar together until light.

  • 85g
    plain flour
  • 40g
    cocoa powder

Mix the flour and cocoa powder into the batter.

  • 100g

Stir in the gold chocolate callets.

Pour the batter into a 24cm square frame on a silpat mat.

  • 100g

Pipe swirls of caramel into the brownie batter.

  • 100g
    Hazelnut Praline

Pipe bulbs of praline into the brownie batter.

Bake at 160c for 25 minutes.

Cool completely before decorating.


Ingredients Preparation

Pipe bulbs of gold crema on top of the brownie slab.

Pipe bulbs of doppia nocciola crema on top of the brownie slab.

  • Q.S.
    Hazelnut Bresilienne

Sprinkle generously with hazelnut bresillienne.

  • Q.S.
    Gold Metallic Chocrocks™

Sprinkle generously with gold chocorocks.

Cut into 16 equal squares and serve.

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