Crispearls® Velvet Tablet

I wanted to create a modern and visually surprising tablet with minimal ingredients. Using Mona Lisa® Crispearls and a velvet spraying technique creates a unique visual effect and an exciting crunchy texture.


Created by
  • Russ Thayer - Lead Digital Chef, Chocolate Academy™ North America


Ingredients Preparation
  • As needed
  • As needed
  1. Begin by filling each cavity of the mold with an even layer of CrispearlsTM.
  2. Pipe a thin, even layer of pre-crystallized couverture over the CrispearlsTM, then top with a second layer of CrispearlsTM, shaking off any excess.
  3. Allow the tablets to set, and then chill them to lay the groundwork for creating a velvet effect.
  4. Spray the chilled tablets with an even layer of colored cocoa butter.
  5. To decorate, place dots of pre-crystallized chocolate at random spots on the top of the bar. Using tweezers, carefully place a CrispearlTM on top of each chocolate dot.
  6. Allow the bars to fully crystallize before packaging for sale.

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