Classic Milk Chocolate Tablets

Chocolate tablets may be one of the simplest things to do in chocolate confectionery, but they are still a consumer favorite, especially when they feature single-origin chocolate.


Created by
  • Philippe Vancayseele - Master Chocolatier Senior, Montreal Chocolate Academy™ Training Center


Ingredients Preparation
  • As needed
  • As needed
  1. Slightly preheat the mold using a heat gun to prevent a thermal shock that could affect the gloss and contraction of the chocolate.
  2. Pour pre-crystallized milk chocolate into the mold and fill it completely.
  3. Remove the excess chocolate using a palette knife and scrape the edges of the mold well.
  4. Immediately vibrate the mold on the table to remove all the air bubbles.
  5. Place into a fridge with a good air circulation at 10-12°C (50-64°F) until the chocolate has contracted enough.
  6. Note: The thickness of the chocolate layer in the mold will have an impact on the cooling procedure. The thicker the layer, the quicker the cooling. If the cooling is too slow, the chocolate will turn gray because when crystallizing, the chocolate creates warmth, which has to be stopped within an acceptable time.
  7. Place a parchment paper and a metal tray on top of the mold, flip it over and remove the metal tray and the parchment paper.
  8. Unmold the chocolate tablets on a parchment paper.
  9. Tablet decoration technique 1: Use a scouring pad directly on the tablet and remove the excess using the pastry brush. Add sparkling powder with the brush.
  10. Tablet decoration technique 2: Use colored cocoa butter to give a velvet effect to the tablet. Shake the cocoa butter bottle that should be warm. Pour the cocoa butter into the spray gun, get the mold out of the freezer and directly spray
  11. onto the tablets. Keep the spray gun at the same distance
  12. and using the same pressure at all times in order to produce
  13. a nice and even coloring. The temperature difference
  14. between the cocoa butter and the chocolate will give a nice
  15. velvety result to the bars.
  16. Use different molds to play on shapes and always handle the
  17. bonbons with soft cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints.

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