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Dairy & Drinks

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Barry Callebaut’s specially designed dairy ingredients range can help you bring indulgence and excitement to your animal or plant-based yogurt, dairy desserts or drinks.

Dive in our extensive range of cocoa and chocolate products, brown flavor sauces and multisensorial inclusions and toppings.

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Who to work with Ruby Chocolate

How to work with ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate’s fruity taste calls for bold and unusual food pairings. But pay close attention when working with ruby chocolate to ensure the chocolate keeps its original flavor and color.

Dairy & Drinks Plant Craft at Barry Callebaut

The boom of plant-based drinks and yogurts

Discover inspiring launches, NPD strategies in plant-based drinks and desserts, and learn about our delicious products.

Chocolate sprinkles for Dairy and Drinks

Chocolate sprinkles for dairy and drinks

Craft a next-level dairy and drinks experience with our selection of small chocolate decorations. Use them as an inclusion, or sprinkle them on top of your creation, a delicious surprise is only a handful of chocolate away. 

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