Sugar reduction chocolate range:
5 solutions

Snack bars enrobbed and bottomed with dark chocolate without added sugar

Sugar reduction chocolate range:
5 solutions

Discover the 5 product categories available in our range for HEALTHIER and TASTY chocolate creations.

Sugar-related health and wellness concerns are high on the radar, as we’ve seen before in “Millennials and their wholesome choice”. At Barry Callebaut, we want to stay ahead of the curve and offer the possibility to adopt a healthy and tasty lifestyle. Thanks to our long-standing Authenticity & Permissibility program, you can discover here our wide range of sugar solutions.

1. Sugar reduction

The first thing you can do is partially replace the sugars - by at least 30% to be able to make a sugar reduction claim. Our sugar reduced range offers dark or milk chocolate where a dietary fiber blend replaces part of the sugar for a healthy and tasty chocolate. Despite the significant amount of sugar taken out, we still obtain a sweet-tasting chocolate. Barry Callebaut has selected the most suitable fibers for a balanced taste profile, good workability and digestive tolerance.

2. Without added sugar

Do you want to fully replace the sugars? Barry Callebaut offers recipes without any added sugar. Non-added sugars such as for instance lactose are still allowed (as opposed to completely Sugar Free chocolate with no more than 0.5% of sugar). This range is available in a variety of dark, milk and white chocolates with maltitol as a one-on-one sugar replacer. As a result, the polyol content is high which might cause a laxative effect.

Another option is a combination of maltitol with a dietary fiber blend and stevia, where the final recipe contains only 20% of polyols. In order to avoid the laxative effect, you need to stay below the threshold of 10% polyols. So, if you only use them at 50% in your final product, you can leave out the laxative warning.

3. Without added sugar and no laxative effect

Barry Callebaut also offers this range of chocolates without added sugar where you don’t need a mandatory warning on a potential laxative effect. In this range, there’s always a limited use of polyols up to 10% in the chocolate recipes. This is the other option next to the 50% use of chocolates with 20% polyols. We offer dark, milk and white chocolates with sugar replacers maltitol or erythritol, combined with an added fiber blend and stevia for a great taste profile. Being a high source of fiber, the dietary fiber blend brings added health benefits next to replace the sugar.

4. Sugar free

If you totally want to ban sugars from your recipes, you can count on our range of sugar free chocolates. Here, our sweeteners maltitol and stevia fully take over and all sugars are taken out, with no more than 0,5% per 100g. Thanks to advanced ingredient selection such as replacement of lactose-containing milk powder with milk proteins, we achieve a zero sugar chocolate - while maltitol and stevia keep the superb chocolate taste and texture to let your consumers indulge in a healthier way.

5. Gradual reduction

This is a way to silently improve the nutritional profile without making any claims. With this alternative, you can gradually reduce the sugars in your recipe year-on-year so that your consumers will get used to the adjusted taste profile. Barry Callebaut offers support with product reformulation and regulatory advice.

Barry Callebaut offers reduced sugar chocolate recipes as well as chips & chunks and fillings. Our comprehensive range is perfectly workable for confectionery, bakery & pastry and biscuits & cereals. Find out more about our sugar replacers and the claims you can make for bakery and pastry and confectionery.

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