Discover our range of nut products, from caramelized pieces to 100% nut pastes and fillings. All our products are made with our Mediterranean Nut Craft: treated to reveal great tastes and preserve nutritional goodness.

Caramelized nuts

Whole hazelnut sablage

We create caramelized nuts the traditional way: in copper pans, freshly-roasted nuts and sugar are stirred by hand until our experts estimate by sight that the caramel is at its best. 

Discover 3 types of caramelized products, all made with a different caramelization technique:

  • Sablage: nuts fully coated with caramelized sugar. 
  • Crocant: nut pieces mixed with pieces of caramelized sugar. 
  • Nougatine: nut pieces in cooked caramel, made the traditional French way. 

Single Origin and sustainable certifications available.

Perfect as inclusion or topping to add crunch and great visual appeal in all applications. 

  • Confectionery
  • Biscuits, bakery, pastry
  • Ice cream
  • Cereals

Nut Pastes

Nut pastes (or nut butters) are made from 100% ground nuts. Freshly-cracked high-quality nuts are roasted, then finely ground into a smooth paste. No added sugar, just 100% pure nut goodness.

At La Morella Nuts we offer a wide palette of tastes thanks to 4 degrees of roasting: low, light, medium and high roast. From subtle to intense roasted tastes, from mild to golden colors.

Available dairy-free, single origin and/or organic.


Great to use in:

  • Dairy-free beverages, ice cream or desserts: to give great flavor and replace cow's milk
  • Confectionery: mixed with chocolate for smooth confectionery
  • Spreads: perfect base for delicious nut spreads
Light roasted blanched almond pastes

Nut Fillings

Textured hazelnut filling with crepe dentelle pieces

 Made with freshly-roasted nuts, our fillings exhibit bold flavours, unrivalled smoothness and perfect workability, thanks to a refining of all ingredients together.

Different nut origin and degrees of roasting reveal the full nut taste palette that nature can give, only to be unleashed in all your creations.

Our fillings contain at least 10% nuts and textured options are available.


Smooth or textured, suitable for all applications: 

  • Confectionery: for tablets and pralines
  • Nut spreads: ready-made nut spreads available
  • Bakery/pastry: exceptional bake stability properties
  • Ice cream: pencil or swirl fillings 


Freshly-cracked high-quality nuts are roasted, caramelized and finely ground into a smooth or textured paste (à l’ancienne)

Different nut origins and roasting degrees reveal the full nut taste palette that nature can give, only to be unleashed in all your creations.

Pralinés contain at least 50% nuts.


Suitable for:

  • Confectionery: Used as flavoring, mixed with chocolate for a praliné filling or as a base for spreads
  • Pastry: Used as flavoring or as a filling.
  • Ice cream: Used as flavoring in the ice cream base or as a swirl.
  • Chilled desserts: Used as flavoring or as a layered filling in chilled desserts.
Pistachio praliné 70%

Discover our nut products

  • Organic Pistachio Praliné 70%
    Freshly cracked and medium roasted organic pistachios and organic caramelized sugar have been finely ground into this praliné. Its high nut content calls for an intense nut flavour, balanced with a touch of sweetness.
    La Morella
  • Organic Blanched Almond Crocant 60/40 2-4mm
    Crunchy mix of small Spanish organic almond pieces and organic caramelized sugar for the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy. Medium roasting brings out a delicately toasted, fresh almond taste. In some markets crocants are better known as ‘brésilienne’, 'pralin' or "praliné pieces". For this product we only use premium quality Spanish organic almonds.
    La Morella
  • DEACTIVATED_Hazelnut Filling 10%

    Pale white hazelnut filling with a smooth texture for confectionery applications. 10% nut content, light hazelnut and milky notes.

    La Morella
    • La Morella
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    • Fineness
    • Melting profile
  • Pure Cashew Paste Medium Roasted

    Pure 100% cashew paste. Made from premium quality cashew, medium roasted and turned into this flavourful paste. Also called "cashew butter". Perfect for dairy-free/vegan alternatives

    La Morella

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