Here are the winners of the Value Awards 2020!

During our first-ever virtual Managers’ Conference 2020 in October, our CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique honored the winners of this year's Value Awards, colleagues embodying our company values in an exemplary way. Every year, we celebrate through the Value Awards those colleagues and teams embodying and living the corporate values, all while being exceptional role models to others around them.
Through the Value Awards we are recognizing those colleagues who through their passion, dedication and by going the extra mile, have made an extraordinarily positive impact on the business in the past fiscal year.
Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO

This year’s Value Award for Team Spirit goes to

The Issue Leads of the global COVID-19 team:

Russell Dunn, Zurich, Switzerland,

Hilde van Gerwen, Matteo Villani and Domenica Seraina Huber

as well as the Regional Issue Leads and their teams: 

Andrew Mak, the APAC QA, HR and OSCO team, Singapore,

Stacey Popham, the Americas QA, HR and OSCO team, Chicago, U.S.A.,

Herve Botoro, the Africa QA, HR and OSCO team, Abidjan, Ivory Coast and 

Xavier de Buysscher, the EMEA QA, HR and OSCO team, Wieze, Belgium.

Antoine de Saint-Affrique - Value Award
Antoine de Saint-Affrique honoring the winners of the Value Awards

This year’s Value Award for Customer Focus goes to:

George Zhang and the China Leadership Team, Shanghai, China

George Zhang, Managing Director, China - Asia Pacific and the China Leadership Team

This year’s Value Award for Passion goes to:

Neslihan Nigiz Ulak, Istanbul, Turkey

Neslihan Nigiz Ulak, General Manager Turkey

This year’s Value Award for Integrity goes to:

Steven Vandamme, Wieze, Belgium

Steven Vandamme, Chief Information Officer

This year’s Value Award for Entrepreneurship goes to:

Bertrand Remy, São Paulo, Brazil

Bertrand Remy, VP & National Director, Cocoa, South America

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