Massa Ticino™ - Multi-purpose Sugar Paste - Black

Massa Ticino™ sugar paste by Mona Lisa® is here to help you craft a world of colourful creations
• Easy to use and multi-purpose
• Made with sustainable sugar
• A completely vegan and guilt-free delight
• Combine with Power Flowers™ to create a rich palette of vibrant colours
• Choose the brightest white on the market
• Without any palm oil*

*Indication for information purposes only, not constituting an opinion of any kind. It is only used to point to the difference between our products within ranges of products having similar characteristics and workability.

Key features


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Order codes
  • COK-079MPBK-E0-Z66
    0.25 kg
    Shelf life: 18 months
    Certifications: KD-
  • COK-079MPBK-E0-Z65
    1 kg
    Shelf life: 18 months
    Certifications: KD-

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