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Get inspired by latest Bakery & Pastry trends and pimp both the inside and the outside: from delicious fillings, chocolate inclusions and decorations, to specialty nuts. 

Barry Callebaut's portfolio of products to bring excitement to cakes, bakery products or fine patisserie. Some have been developed perfectly bake stable.

Trends & Insights for bakery & pastry

Organic baked goods

Organic, a key claim in cereals and baked goods

Consuming organic products moved from being a hype to become a lifestyle. Discover what it means for baked goods and cereals manufacturers, and get inspired by Barry Callebaut concepts.

How to work with ruby chocolate

How to work with ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate’s fruity taste calls for bold and unusual food pairings. But pay close attention when working with ruby chocolate to ensure the chocolate keeps its original flavor and color.

Caramel pastry donut

3 ways to play with caramel and pastries

Caramel in baked products is adored by consumers. It has the power to transform a treat into an experience for the senses. Smooth, silky, chewy, brittle… benefit from your favorite caramel characteristic to make a delicious creation. 

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