Discover the fourth dimension with ruby chocolate decorations

Building upon our expertise in chocolate and our range of chocolate decorations and inclusions, we have created an exclusive collection of ruby chocolate decorations. These sprinkles and inclusions have the real ruby chocolate taste, and our transfer sheets are designed to make that pink ruby chocolate color pop!

Pure ruby chocolate sprinkles & inclusions, pure taste!

Seduce and delight consumers with a sprinkle of ruby chocolate curls or small ruby chocolate chips. Add them as a sprinkle over your confectionery, bakes or pastries, or as a last-minute addition to your ice-cream, desserts or dairy creations. Lovers of ruby will recognize the fresh, fruity taste and smooth taste profile. The unique color of ruby chocolate delivers a charming new take on these classic chocolate decorations.

Raspberry mousse with ruby chocolate curls
Raspberry mousse with ruby chocolate curls
S’mores with ruby chocolate crispy bites and ruby chocolate crackers
S’mores with ruby chocolate crispy bites and ruby chocolate crackers

Pink with a twist: crispy ruby chocolate sprinkles & Inclusions

Create a flavorful surprise with our crispy ruby chocolate decorations. Explore taste and texture with ruby chocolate on the outside, and crispiness on the inside! We offer you the stylish, round ruby chocolate crispy bites and the rough-looking, irregular ruby chocolate crackers. Our crispy ruby inclusions bring a burst of flavor to ice cream and dairy and drinks when added just before consumption, or you can hide them inside a chocolate tablet. Want to put your crispy ruby sprinkles in the spotlight? Sprinkle them on top of cookies, donuts, pralines, tablets… the possibilities are endless!

Print and play with transfer rolls

Make colorful dreams come true by matching ruby chocolate and our edible transfer roll designs. Spread the word by using our exclusive ruby chocolate print. The edible design in berry red emphasizes the fruity taste and spotlights the delicate pink color of ruby chocolate. Or get creative with some of our other chocolate prints! Tip: ruby chocolate looks best with red, white or dark brown colors.

Ruby chocolate biscuits with a ruby chocolate print
Ruby chocolate biscuits with a ruby chocolate print

Please note that ruby chocolate is sensitive to light and moisture. We therefore recommend doing a shelf life evaluation of the final product containing ruby chocolate decorations. Our team is happy to advise you on how to work with ruby chocolate decorations.

Discover Ruby decorations

Ruby chocolate chips S

Small non-vibrated ruby chocolate chips.

Ruby Chocolate Stracciatella Flakes

Hedonistic Ruby chocolate in the new format of crunchy stracciatella flakes. Irregularly shaped for an artisanal look it will bring a delicious Ruby touch to your ice cream.