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Compound coatings and fillings are complex products: they need to fit your recipe perfectly to have the desired result. When it comes to coatings & fillings, work with Barry Callebaut to leverage our unparalleled product expertise, the widest Western European footprint and a broad and comprehensive product portfolio.

Unparalleled product expertise

With more than 50 years of experience in developing recipes for our customers, Barry Callebaut’s experts have gained unparalleled know-how. From the key raw materials such as vegetable fats till the needs for every application across all market segments. From confectionery to bakery, ice cream and dairy, Barry Callebaut can support on achieving various textures, flavour release, bake stability, freeze stability, and more: from perfect workability in production to ultimate sensorial experience.

Partner with us to take advantage of:

  • Solutions for more than 25 applications across market segments
  • Deep knowledge on 60+ vegetable fats and all the other key raw materials
  • A team of technical experts dedicated to the study and the development of the best possible recipes

Learn more about our ranges:

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Western Europe footprint: we can serve you wherever you are

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Barry Callebaut has more than 10 facilities where we can produce your next coating or filling. This gives us the ability to reach you wherever you are located. Among our facilities, you can count on three specialty sites, which represent the best-in-class producers for:

One-stop shop: just tell us what you need

At Barry Callebaut, we do not only have the capabilities to offer you the right compound coating or filling everywhere in Western Europe, but with our network, you have access to an unmatched, comprehensive portfolio

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Discover our Fillings

Sweet Classic Nut
A sweet cocoa filling with a delicate note of hazelnut and vanilla.
  • Sortiment
  • Texture
  • Vegetable fat
    Non Hydro & Palm
Hazelnut Filling
Nut filling with a light brown color.
La Morella
  • La Morella
  • Sortiment
  • Melting profile
  • Texture
Hazelnut 1:1 Light
Delicious light hazelnut paste. Light in color and notes of dark roasted hazelnuts.
  • Sortiment
  • Melting profile
  • Texture
  • Vegetable fat
    Non Hydro & Palm
Clean & Clear Nut
A clean and clear hazelnut filling with an intense hazelnut taste.
  • Sortiment
  • Texture
    Soft And Creamy
  • Vegetable fat
    Non Hydro & No Palm

Discover our Coatings

Extra Milky

An extra milky white compound coating.

Extra Dark
Extra intense dark compound coating.
Vanilla White

A sweet white compound coating with a touch of natural vanilla.

Aprico Gel

Light yellow, long-lasting shine gel with apricot flavor. Easy to cut. Freeze stable.