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Sweet Classic White
A white coating for thick ice cream layer.

A bright orange coating with natural orange taste.

Pecan Coating
A delicious white chocolate coating with 21% pecan.
La Morella
Mild Dark

A delicate compound coating perfect for spraying and crunchy multilayer applications. Based on non-hydrogenated fats. With sunflower lecithin.

Toffee With Crisp

Toffee flavored crispy coating with a lot of crumb.

Caramel Coating
A caramel coating for ice cream.
Milky White
A white coating for regular ice cream layer.
DEACTIVATED_Milky premium coating

Milky premium coating with a nice chocolate taste and smooth melt. The final shows a vanilla touch.

Butter Toffee

A golden brown butter toffee coating.

Extra Dark

An intense dark compound coating perfect for spraying and crunchy multilayer in your ice cream applications. Based on non-hydrogenated coconut oil only. Suitable for vegans, with natural flavors only.

Black Currant Coating

A violet coating with blackcurrant taste.


Dark beige brown cocoa coating with almonds skin. Perfect for ice cream applications.

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