Rewatch our October webinar - How to create indulgent Plant-based treats

Launches of plant-based products have significantly increased in all sweet categories, answering consumers’ need for tasty and healthy products. Iconic indulgent brands like Magnum (2019) or Galaxy (2020) have introduced new plant-based products with indulgence at heart, hence growing the category from niche to emerging mainstream. Discover in this webinar how to make your plant-based creations truly indulgent. 

Plant-based trends & insights by Innova Market Insights, Gaynor Selby
Introducing this webinar, Gaynor Selby, Editor at CNS Media presents some insights from Innova Market Insights on the latest developments in the plant-based category and how trends identified by Innova are impacting plant-based new product development.

Indulgent plant-based recipes by Barry Callebaut Chef Joel Perriard

Joël Perriard, Chef at Barry Callebaut, shares his take on texture and flavor elements that are key to a truly indulgent experience. Showcasing his signature plant-based recipes, he provides culinary recommendations to enhance taste and texture in plant-based products.

Barry Callebaut's Plant Craft range, with a focus on the new 100% dairy-free m_lk chocolate by Camille Lannoy, Brand Development Manager

Finally, Camille Lannoy explains more about the new dairy-free m_lk chocolate, a delicious plant-based alternative to milk chocolate. M_lk chocolate is part of Plant Craft, Barry Callebaut’s range of vegan and dairy-free chocolate and nut products, crafted with a flavor-first mentality.

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