Your Ultimate Cocoa Sustainability Guide

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Teacher and students

Learn about where cocoa comes from, the key issues in cocoa farming that we, as Barry Callebaut, are tackling and what it means to sell sustainable chocolate

Cocoa Horizons label

Great ways for brands, retailers, and manufacturers to support sustainable cocoa within their chocolate product ranges

Cocoa pods

Which cocoa program is right for your business? Barry Callebaut outlines the key aspects to consider when deciding between cocoa sustainability programs

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Vanilla sticks

Chocolate is more than just cocoa. Other ingredients needs to be considered in the context of your product portfolio.

Child writing

Understand the essential touch-points to communicate cocoa sustainability to your consumers

Cocoa Horizons people

The way you communicate on sustainability will not only help to answer this expectation, but can also position your brand ahead of the competition

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Morinaga & Co

In its 2030 Vision, Morinaga & Co aspire to become a company that will continue providing their customers, employees, and society with the three values of the health of the mind, the body, and the environment. Discover how Barry Callebaut, via the Cocoa Horizons program, is supporting their ambition

Cocoa horizons coach with farmer

Learn about the Cocoa Horizons Foundation's latest achievements to scale impact and drive change in cocoa farming communities

Forever Chocolate Logo

Our plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm