The richest flavor and color cocoa powders

Indulgent chocolate notes, deep dark colours, and delightful crispy, crunchy textures - the Bensdorp cocoa powders allow you to let your fantasy run its course. Play with contrast and color accents to make your bakery and pastry creations as appealing as possible.

Cocoa powders for indulgent chocolate flavor

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Our cocoa powders bring out an intense chocolate flavor in your bakery and pastry applications and keep them light and fluffy.

Here is our selection of Bensdorp cocoa powders to help you create the best flavor and color chocolate experience. There is of course much more available, so for more information reach out to your customer support team.

Cocoa powders for a premium color sensory

- For rich muffin and brownie recipes, we recommend to use 5% of cocoa powder, for macarons use 4%, and for biscuits 5%. For a darker color, either increase the amount or switch to a powder with a higher degree of alkalisation.

- The dry color of the powder changes as the powder is blended in the application. Therefore when selecting your color, we recommend to always test the wet (intrinsic) color.

- In application, low fat cocoa powders have a darker color than their high fat counterparts with the same degree of alkalisation.

Cocoa powders

Irresistible aerated textures

macarons and meringues

Aerated products like macarons and meringues require cocoa powder with a very low fat content. However, cocoa butter is an important flavor determiner. Luckily, Bensdorp has developed a unique processing technique that generates cocoa powders with less than 1% cocoa butter while still preserving the indulgent chocolate flavor. Your chocolate macarons will have a brittle and crumbly texture on the outside, and a delightfully chewy heart on the inside. But more importantly: they will have an indulgent chocolate taste.

Chocolate Claims

When blended with sugar, Bensdorp’s selection of high fat cocoa powders (20/22 & 22/24) allow you to claim ‘Chocolate’ on your package.

With Bensdorp’s 100% Dairy Free Dark Chocolate powder you can show real pieces of chocolate on pack and claim: ‘Dark chocolate’. 

Chocolate Claims

It's all about indulgence

It's all about indulgence

- Boost the flavor and color of your traditional chocolate recipes by blending chocolate with cocoa powder.

- Unlock the power of color, from distinctive black with Ebony cocoa powder to the deep dark red of our Cameroon origin cocoa powder. 

- Discover the unique taste of our single origin cocoa powders. They also allow for great storytelling on the origin & quality of the cocoa beans.  

- For a delicious crunch in your biscuits, add 5% of Croquoa bakestable inclusions. Only cocoa & sugar!

Discover our unique Bensdorp cocoa powders for bakery applications

  • Natural Dark

    Dark brown colored yet 100% naturally obtained premium cocoa powder. Produced with no chemical intervention and no addition of additives. 100% free from alkali, dairy, lactose and allergen. 100% Vegan. This unique natural cocoa powder delivers a premium dark brown color combined with a delicious mild cocoa flavor with toasted nuts aroma and a hint of dried fruits.

  • Croquoa S

    Crunchy inclusions with a light, aerated texture and a delicious dark chocolate flavor. They show an excellent behavior at high temperature (up to 200 °C) where chocolate drops can't go!

    Can be declared as chocolate inclusion on consumer packaging. 

  • Defatted Cocoa Powder

    Low fat cocoa powder with less than 1% cocoa butter. It is ideal for low calorie applications and aerated bakery recipes such as macarons and meringues. Thanks to the very low cocoa butter content the risk of fat blooming is reduced in coatings and spreads. Classic balance cocoa and dark chocolate flavour with a brown colour.