With 30 years of experience in creating the best chocolate decorations, chocolate transfer sheets and a love of color, we have something for every idea! Our in-house design team works year round to deliver a range of classic and on-trend designs for every season and occasion, and our chef ambassadors provide their creativity in a wealth of applications. Our catalogs are bursting at the seams with inspiration for all seasons!
Spring 2021 catalogue

Spring 2021

We are already dreaming of next spring, and we managed to catch some of it for you! Floaty pastels and floral hues come together with bunnies, eggs and the best Belgian chocolate to make this Easter the brightest celebration of the season.

And there’s more, because there’s no better way to enchant your Valentine than with a bite-sized indulgence. Irresistible reds and dreamy pinks will sweep you away to the tastiest romance you’ll ever encounter.

For the last 30 years, the IBC team has been in love with all things pastry, chocolate and desserts. That’s why we packed a basket full of vibrant colors, lush textures, and a variety of decorations that range from funny to sweet and romantic into this catalog. Whether or not you’re planning to share these delicious treats around the table, sending them to loved ones, or enjoying them as a gift to yourself, the only thing that’s better than their taste, is how they look!

What more can you expect? You can expect us to care, which is why we only use Cocoa Horizons Foundation certified chocolate, to support a better life for cocoa farmers and a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, our successful Chocolate Originals selection is made exclusively from chocolate and has had a spring makeover. We have expanded our offering of Titanium Dioxide-free and From Natural Origin colors in our prints, and debuted 6 new colored cocoa butters.

Explore this catalog for our chefs’ takes on spring sweets for all occasions. Love donuts for two, a colorful carrot cake to indulge with friends or family or an Easter-egg loaded chocolate cake that’s simply too good not to share. And of course, a feast of themed pralines to mix and match to your own choosing.

Winter 2020-2021

The most sparkling time of the year has come around once again! Whether you prefer tradition or like eye-catching new trends, the Halloween and Christmas period is always a wonderful source of memorable moments. 

Our 30 years of experience in colors and decorations, as well as our eye for trends help us create your special touch. This catalogue puts Halloween and Christmas in the spotlight, with an inspiring parade of original, heart-warming, funny and stylish decorations, inspired by nostalgic and retro designs.

Despite the nostalgia, we are also focusing more and more on the future. We are doing this, for example, through the development of 100% natural colors without titanium dioxide(TiO2), including an innovative, completely TiO2-free natural white.

Moreover, we only use chocolate endorsed by the Cocoa Horizons Foundation for a sustainable and people-friendly perspective. Artisanal products also score highly in 20-21, such as our Chocolate Originals in which everything, from shape to design, is made purely from chocolate.

You can count on our chefs to bring you the latest trends and the hottest colors. Snowflakes (without TiO2), diamond patterns, starry skies and a very cute Rudolph are some ingredients we already have for a successful IBC Christmas. And when Halloween comes around, a few creepy eyes, happy pumpkins and sweet mummies will be stealing the show.

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Winter 2020-2021 Catalogue

The Color Cuisine 

This may sound strange, but at IBC, we have an eye for taste. Eye for taste - is that even possible? Certainly. 

Because no matter how excellent a dish may be, it is the eyes that decide in an instant whether someone will bite into it. What is more, up to 85% of what your consumers buy is influenced by its color! So it is the eye and not the mouth that first determines whether something will taste good.

With 30 years of specialization in color and decorations, IBC’s Color Cuisine has a kitchen full of cupboards bursting with knowledge and experience, and counters where the appetite for new, strong products and sources of inspiration run free every day. And the best of the best of this culinary magic … is all contained in this book.

Newcomers in a starring role this year are our 3D cocoa pods you can fill to your heart's desire, our hip éclair toppers, black gold and silver truffle powders and over 100 new designs.

Regardless of the season or occasion, four of our top chefs guide you again with their tips, tricks and favorite decorations. 

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The Color Cuisine

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