New process technology

Across the value chain, the Barry Callebaut Group is constantly looking for ways to improve existing processes or to create new processes and technologies to produce cocoa, chocolate and related products in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Apart from our in-house innovation, we also conduct research in partnership with customers and suppliers. Through new process technology, the Barry Callebaut Group is building deep, mutually beneficial relationships with important stakeholders.

Material science

In this field the Barry Callebaut Group, together with its suppliers, develops knowledge of non-cocoa ingredients such as fats, sugar, emulsifiers, proteins and dairy. This multilateral and multidisciplinary approach provides benefits to all parties involved – the Barry Callebaut Group, our customers and our suppliers – by creating synergies through co-creation and by removing inefficiencies in the value chain. 


Packaging is an important part of the quality of the final product. Constant innovation is taking place at Barry Callebaut, together with its suppliers, on matters of shelf-life extension, re-usability, transportation and storage optimization, protection of the product and usage.

Process Innovation – Cocoa for chocolate

Better understanding the evolution and modification of cocoa flavor components during the process - from the bean up to the final chocolate product - allows Barry Callebaut to steer process parameters. By combining the results of the latest analytical techniques to findings of organoleptic evaluation of our products in the different process stages, the effects of specific process parameters can be identified and quantified. This research allows us to define optimal settings to eliminate, conserve, or enhance specific components to create a unique cocoa profile in chocolate.


Herwig Bernaert, Director Discover Programs & Global Projects
"To be a part of the innovative energy at the Barry Callebaut Group is exciting! Innovating market relevant products – intricate to how our customers do business – and following innovations from conception to market is more than rewarding." Herwig Bernaert, Director Discover Programs & Global Projects