Our four discover areas

The Barry Callebaut Group’s mission is to be the “heart and engine” of the chocolate and cocoa industry. We remain the undisputed leader in chocolate and cocoa innovation by offering our customers new and exciting solutions that entice their business partners around the globe. Innovation at Barry Callebaut is driven by a methodical pursuit of knowledge coupled with an entrepreneurial and creative spirit. Combined, they produce a consistent pipeline of breakthrough innovations as well as continuous improvement of existing products and processes.

From our over 28 global R&D centers, Research Labs and Centers of Excellence, we focus on developing unique capabilities and expertise in four distinct knowledge areas. The following four discover areas span the entire cocoa and chocolate value chain - from in depth research into the cocoa bean - to how consumers purchase, experience and enjoy chocolate and cocoa products: 

Cocoa Science: understanding the cocoa bean

Cocoa science  

Containing over 20,000 bioactive components, cocoa is one of the most complex food products. By  deciphering the potential of the cocoa bean, the Barry Callebaut Group is able to develop chocolate and cocoa products with specific properties with regards to taste, appearance and processing.

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Innovation with Acticoa

Authenticity & permissibility

To meet the growing demand for healthy and functional foods, the Barry Callebaut Group is continually reformulating chocolate and cocoa products that everybody can enjoy in a responsible way. Our focus on sugar, fat and calorie reduction results in products that offer a better energy balance and an improved product composition, without compromising on taste.       

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Structure, sensory and texture picture

Structure, Texture, Sensory

Cocoa and chocolate are pure indulgences; their appeal is the promise of a moment of gratification and pleasure. Taste and flavor are crucial, enhanced and differentiated through a range of various structures and textures. Together, these attributes provide the decadent experience that chocolate is loved for.

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Improving the technology in making chocoalate

New process technology    

Across the value chain, the Barry Callebaut Group is constantly looking for ways to improve existing processes or to create new processes and technologies to produce cocoa, chocolate and related products in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

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