Company history

In 1996 the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and the French chocolate company Cacao Barry joined forces, creating a new company called Barry Callebaut.

Both Cacao Barry and Callebaut were widely recognized in the food industry as reliable suppliers of high-quality products and as dependable business partners for thousands of wholesale and retail specialists in the chocolate industry. The merger combined Cacao Barry’s know-how in procurement and initial processing of cocoa beans with Callebaut’s extensive experience in producing and marketing chocolate products.

Callebaut Chocolate Factory in Wieze
Callebaut chocolate factory in Wieze

Today, Barry Callebaut is the world market leader in high-quality choco­late and cocoa products and the only fully integrated company with a global pres­ence in the sector. The company has evolved from a supplier of industry and specialty chocolates for industrial and artisanal customers into a provider of integrated solutions, from the cocoa bean to the finest chocolate product, to the entire food industry. As the outsourcing partner of choice, Barry Callebaut has an estimated 40% market share in the open market. Barry Callebaut offers more than 6,000 recipes to its customers, allowing it to cater to local taste preferences around the world.

After 1996, the company continued to grow through geographic expansion into strategic growth markets, outsourcing contracts, innovation and acquisitions. Since 1998 Barry Callebaut has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

1999 Acquisition of Carma AG in Switzerland
2002 Acquisition of the Stollwerck Group in Germany
2003 Acquisition of Dutch Group Graverboom B.V. (including Luijckx B.V.)
  Acquisition of Brach’s Confections Holding, Inc. in the U.S.
2004 Acquisition of the vending mix business of AM Foods in Sweden
2005 Opening of a chocolate factory in California, U.S.
2007 Opening of a chocolate factory in Chekhov, Russia
  Divestment of Brach’s Confections Holding, Inc. in the U.S.
  Signing of major outsourcing contracts with Nestlé, Hershey’s and Cadbury
  Acquisition of a cocoa factory in Pennsylvania, U.S.
2008 Opening of a chocolate factory in Suzhou, China
  Acquisition of a 49% stake in Biolands, Tanzania
  Acquisition of a 60% stake in KLK Cocoa in Malaysia
  Opening of a sales office and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Mumbai, India
  Opening of CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centers in Suzhou (China), Zundert (Netherlands), Mumbai (India), Chekhov (Russia) and Chicago (U.S.)
  Sale of African Consumer business
  Acquisition of IBC, specialist in decorations, in Kortrijk-Heule, Belgium
  Outsourcing agreement with Morinaga in Japan and start of production in new factory
  Opening of a chocolate factory in Monterrey, Mexico
2009 Sale of Van Houten Singapore consumer business to Hershey's
  Distribution agreement signed with Bunge Alimentos in Brazil

Acquisition of Danish vending mix company Eurogran

  Acquisition of Spanish chocolate maker Chocovic, S.A.


Opening of a chocolate factory in Extrema, Brazil

  Signing of a major outsourcing contract with Kraft Foods Inc.
2011 Acquisition of remaining 40% stake in Barry Callebaut Malaysia Sdn Bhd, formerly KLK Cocoa
  Expansion of the existing supply and innovation agreement with Hershey’s
  Signing of long-term outsourcing agreement with Chocolates Turín, Mexico
  Sale of European Consumer Products business to Belgian Baronie Group

Barry Callebaut and P.T. Comextra Majora enter into joint venture to form P.T. Barry Callebaut Comextra Indonesia 

2012 Acquisition of American chocolate decorations manufacturer Mona Lisa Food Products, Inc. 
  Acquisition of the Spanish la Morella nuts 
  Launch of new “Cocoa Horizons” initiative based on strategic pillar Sustainable Cocoa 
  Purchasing Chatham facility from Batory Industries Company in Ontario (Canada) 
  Signing of long-term outsourcing/partnership agreement with Unilever, Grupo Bimbo (Mexico) and Morinaga (Japan)
  EFSA issues positive Scientific Opinion on Barry Callebaut’s health claim on cocoa flavanols
2013 Signing of first long-term outsourcing agreement in South America with Arcor

Acquisition of ASM Foods AB in Sweden and signing of first long-term outsourcing agreement in Scandinavia with Carletti A/S

  Opening of an expanded state-of-the-art chocolate factory in Toluca, Mexico

Acquisition of the cocoa business of Singapore-based Petra Foods


Inauguration of the first Cocoa Center of Excellence to promote advanced agricultural techniques in Côte d’Ivoire

  Opening of a cocoa factory in Makassar, Indonesia (with joint venture partner P.T. Comextra Majora) and a chocolate factory in Eskişehir, Turkey
  EU Commission approves Barry Callebaut’s health claim on cocoa flavanols

Inauguration of the Group’s first chocolate factory in Turkey located in Eskişehir


Inauguration of the 16th CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center on the premises of the Barry Callebaut Group’s EEMEA headquarters in Istanbul.

2014 Start of production in new, relocated chocolate factory in Tagasaki (Japan) 
  Acquisition of the remaining 51% stake of the Biolands Group

Acting as leading force to form the “CocoaAction” strategy of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)


EFSA approval to extend existing health claim for cocoa extract products


Opening of new Callebaut® flagship CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Wieze

  Organization of 2nd international stakeholder conference Chocovision in Davos
  New chocolate factory in Santiago de Chile goes on stream