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Van Houten®, Caprimo®, Bensdorp® and Le Royal® are Barry Callebaut’s four high-quality beverage brands, each of which has its own profile and tradition.

Barry Callebaut’s main beverage brands represent a rich variety of chocolate, cocoa and cappuccino vending mixes. A dedicated spray-drying production facility in Kågeröd, Sweden, the careful selection of the best raw materials, a unified sales force, powerful R&D capabilities as well as a strong focus on local market knowledge and customer proximity are key elements for the success of Barry Callebaut’s beverage brands.
Founded in 1828, Van Houten® is the preferred reference brand for chocolate drink indulgence and tradition in over 40 countries around the world. Responding to consumer demands, Van Houten® has developed an extensive range of high-quality chocolate and cocoa drinks that appeal to all types of drinkers across the retail, as well as hotels, restaurants and catering segment (HORECA), vending and Office Coffee System (OCS) markets.
Present in 25 countries, Caprimo® is recognized by professionals in the vending industry as the reference for ready-mixed cappuccino and chocolate beverages. Brought to market in 1990, Caprimo® offers a wide range of reliable instant drinks, such as flavored cappuccinos, chocolate drinks, milk toppings, coffee whiteners and instant coffee.

With a tradition that reaches back to 1840, Bensdorp® is today present in 25 countries and known for high-quality Dutch cocoa powder. It has successfully transferred its know-how to instant powder-mix markets for vending machines with a regional focus on Benelux and Germany.

Le Royal® is dedicated to vending and offers a full range of ingredients of premium quality at a competitive price level. The comprehensive Le Royal® product range consists of chocolate and cocoa beverages, cappuccino and coffee drinks, tea as well as white products such as toppings, granulated skimmed milk or whiteners – the portfolio also includes both Fairtrade hot chocolate and Fairtrade Coffee.
Van Houten Caprimo Bensdorp Le Royal

Sales offices can be found in Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Singapore.

Van Houten® , Caprimo®, Bensdorp® and Le Royal® are all Barry Callebaut brands.

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