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Newsflash: Caluwé Artisan shifts entire production to Barry Callebaut’s sustainable single origin Cameroon chocolate

August 30, 2012

Wieze/Belgium, August 30, 2012 – Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, announces that Caluwé Artisan, a company customer for three generations, this month switched its entire production to Cameroon chocolate from Barry Callebaut’s unique Quality Partner Program (QPP). Through this program, Barry Callebaut assists farmers in Cameroon with education in good agricultural practices thereby helping them improve the quality of the cocoa.

A great continuation of an artisan tradition

Since 1968, the Caluwé family has been producing chocolates of the highest quality in Belgium. Only the finest raw materials are used and combined with passion and attention to detail to ensure consistent quality. By switching its entire production to Barry Callebaut’s Cameroon chocolate, Caluwé Artisan acknowledges the possibilities of this superb origin chocolate, while at the same time continuing its many years’ production in a sustainable way.

“For Caluwé Artisan, quality and a continuation of its traditional way of producing chocolates are of the utmost importance,” says Sofie de Lathouwer, Marketing Director Food Manufacturers Western Europe of Barry Callebaut. “With the superior Cameroon cocoa, produced using our patented fermentation method and knowledge transmitted through our Quality Partner Program, we have inspired Caluwé Artisan to continue this premium tradition in a sustainable way. Together, we are committed to enabling and encouraging farmers to grow and produce cocoa responsibly.”

“We are thrilled to switch our production to Cameroon chocolate. The special fermentation process applied by Barry Callebaut in Cameroon ensures maximum flavor and aroma in the bean. For us, this is the starting point for great chocolate,” says Koen Caluwé, Managing Director Caluwé Artisan. “We are convinced that the future of quality chocolate is closely linked with that of cocoa farmers. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to secure the production of sustainably grown cocoa. Barry Callebaut’s Quality Partner Program in Cameroon offers the perfect answer; the program helps us guarantee quality and enables us to support a sustainable future for the cocoa farmers and their families.”

Cameroon chocolate: the sustainable chocolate option of the future

In January 2012 Barry Callebaut launched its Cameroon chocolate range, created with the exclusive red cocoa bean from Cameroon. The fertile ground of the dense rainforest in Cameroon, enriched with volcanic soil, contributes to the exceptional taste of these cocoa beans. Thanks to the premium grade red cocoa, Barry Callebaut’s Cameroon chocolate range has an intense shine, a warm color and a very pronounced chocolate flavor. The cocoa component in the Cameroon chocolate range tastes pleasantly bitter with a rich fruity, refreshing acidity.

Together with Barry Callebaut, Georges Caluwé, the founder of Caluwé Artisan, and his son Alberic Caluwé, developed a unique cocoa blend with Caluwé-specific references, used for all Caluwé chocolates. As from August 1, 2012, this unique Caluwé cocoa blend will be produced with Barry Callebaut’s sustainable single origin Cameroon chocolate.


Barry Callebaut:

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