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Explore a world of taste with Barry Callebaut’s origin chocolates

Jun 29, 2010

With nearly 20 varieties in its assortment, Barry Callebaut is a leading supplier of origin chocolates. Origin chocolates are capturing even the experienced and passionate chocolate consumer with their unique flavor of cocoa beans grown in specific countries or regions.

Sainsbury’s Basics White Chocolate – Little money for a big WOW

Jun 15, 2010

Barry Callebaut is proud to have created Sainbury’s Basic White Chocolate that recently has been awarded by the prestigious UK-based Quality Food Awards organization. The chocolate is excellent value for money!

Follow the World of the Finest Belgian Chocolate at the World Expo in Shanghai

Apr 30, 2010

Experience what promises to be one of the main attractions at the Belgian Pavilion in Shanghai online! Barry Callebaut’s “Online Chocolate Corner” ( offers coverage of everything chocolate at the World Expo.

A unique and very special partnership between Godiva, Guylian, Neuhaus and Barry Callebaut for the World Expo Shanghai 2010

Feb 11, 2010

Belgian chocolate is famed all over the world. And rightly so. The praline was 'invented' in Belgium; no other country has more artisan chocolatiers; and Belgium is home to many of the biggest names in chocolate. China has 1.3 billion potential chocolate lovers. So the World Expo Shanghai 2010 was predestined to be a unique encounter between 'our chocolate' and the Chinese consumer. To tempt Chinese chocolate lovers in sweet harmony, Godiva, Guylian, Neuhaus and Barry Callebaut are joining forces in a unique, behind-the-scenes partnership. Together they are creating the ‘Belgian chocolate corner’ at Shanghai 2010.

Barry Callebaut confirms strong growth in demand for certified cocoa and chocolate

Jan 28, 2010

Barry Callebaut confirms a marked increase in the demand for certified cocoa and chocolate products. Strong consumer demand for ‘responsibly produced chocolate’ lies at the basis of this growth. Barry Callebaut welcomes this evolution, given its long-standing commitment to developing a more sustainable cocoa sector, beginning with local growers. The Group expects that the sale of certified products will continue to grow significantly in 2010.