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Barry Callebaut launches new milk chocolate alternatives for consumers with dairy allergies

Sep 06, 2010

Barry Callebaut brought the world’s first 100% dairy free alternative to milk chocolate to the market to add to the increasingly popular “Free-from” food category. Due to the increased awareness of allergies and food intolerances on the one hand and continuous improvements in taste and quality of “Free-from” products on the other, the market grew strongly over the recent years.

Barry Callebaut’s toothfriendly chocolate – loved by children and endorsed by dentists as well as parents

Aug 01, 2010
  • Barry Callebaut has developed a chocolate that received the „Happy Tooth“ quality seal from Toothfriendly International
  • The chocolate has been scientifically tested by dental experts and is guaranteed safe for teeth

Barry Callebaut introduces innovative ACTICOA® chocolate products with natural cocoa flavanols for North American food manufacturers

Jul 19, 2010
  • Special manufacturing process preserves the healthy components of the cocoa bean – cocoa flavanols – without compromising taste
  • ACTICOA® products are scientifically proven to help protect the body against cell damage from free radicals, maintain cardiovascular health, and nourish the skin

Explore a world of taste with Barry Callebaut’s origin chocolates

Jun 29, 2010

With nearly 20 varieties in its assortment, Barry Callebaut is a leading supplier of origin chocolates. Origin chocolates are capturing even the experienced and passionate chocolate consumer with their unique flavor of cocoa beans grown in specific countries or regions.

Sainsbury’s Basics White Chocolate – Little money for a big WOW

Jun 15, 2010

Barry Callebaut is proud to have created Sainbury’s Basic White Chocolate that recently has been awarded by the prestigious UK-based Quality Food Awards organization. The chocolate is excellent value for money!