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Callebaut sponsors the Belgian team at the 2008 World Pastry Team Championship

April 15, 2008
Callebaut®, the Belgian gourmet chocolate brand, will sponsor the Belgian team at this year’s “Amoretti World Pastry Team Championship”. For the first time the fourth edition of the championships will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, instead of Las Vegas, between August 31 and September 1. The theme will be “IMAGINATION”.
During the 13-hour two day competition, each team will have to prepare a sugar showpiece, a pastillage tray, a chocolate showpiece, a plated dessert, chocolate bonbons, an entremet, an entremet glace and small pastry. All these elements will be prepared within the given time frame. Teams are judged on artistry, professionalism and of course taste. The total prize package is $100,000.
The World Pastry Team Championship features twelve teams. Each comprised of three pastry chefs. This year, a Belgian team will compete to support the Belgian chocolate heritage and know-how.
Belgian team leader:
Philippe Rhéau: MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and Operational Director at Debailleul Products, Brussels. Philippe already participated in several high-level competitions.
His teammates:
Jean-Philippe Darcis: owner of the « Pâtisseries chocolateries Darcis » in Verviers, Spa, Liège and throughout Belgium but also in Japan. Jean-Philippe is First chocolate Chef of Belgium. He will be responsible for the chocolate showpiece.
Serge Alexandre: Pastry chef at « Pâtisserie Defreyne » in Strombeek, he is currently exporting his branded products in Japan. His motivation to join the Belgian team: to compete with high level chefs. He will be responsible for looking at the best taste alliances for the different chocolate pieces to be made during the competition.
Marc Ducobu: owner of the « Maison Ducobu » in Waterloo. He is also selling his pralines in Japan. He is constantly looking for new taste challenges and has won numerous competitions. He will be responsible for the sugar showpiece.
All the members of the Belgian team are currently members of the Callebaut Ambassadors Club. Chocolate is a permanent source of inspiration for them.
Philippe Rhéau and Jean Philippe Darcis already participated in this competition in 2002 and took the prize of “Best chocolate showpiece”, and also the Bronze medal.
In 2004, Philippe Rhéau, Serge Alexandre and other took the same prize and the Silver medal. We have big hope for 2008!
For the first time, Callebaut will be the official sponsor of this very high-level team of chocolate lovers.  
We wish them a lot of success in Nashville!