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The Dutch Chef Frank Haasnoot wins the World Chocolate Masters 2011

October 21, 2011

Paris, October 21, 2011 – After three-days of breathtaking competition between nineteen national Chocolate Masters, the results of the fourth World Chocolate Masters competition have been announced. The event took place at the "Salon du Chocolat Professionnel" exhibition at Porte de Versailles in Paris (France).

At this year's world finals, organised for the fourth time by Cacao Barry®, Callebaut® and Carma®, Frank Haasnoot, winner of the Dutch World Chocolate Masters preselection, was selected as the "World Chocolate Master 2011" by an international jury composed of twenty-two leading chocolate professionals. In second place was Yoshiaki Uezaki from Japan and in third place Palle Sorensen from Denmark.

With the theme of this year's competition being "Cocoa, Quetzalcoatl’s gift", the jury carefully evaluated the contestants' work and creativity through chocolate.  The jury was headed by President of Honour, Shigeo Hirai, the 2009 World Chocolate Master and included Presidents Jacquy Pfeiffer, well-known Chef from USA, and Arnaud Larher, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

In addition to the overall winners, the jury gave special awards for "Best praline", "Best gastronomic chocolate dessert", "Best chocolate pastry" and "Best chocolate showpiece". As a highlight this year, additional awards have been granted for "Best chocolate necklace", which went to Jana Ristau, from Germany, and "International Press Award".

The overall winner was awarded the World Chocolate Masters 2011 trophy specially created by leading Dutch designer Rob Verhoeven, as well as a € 25 000 prize package.

Frank Haasnoot (The Netherlands), World Chocolate Master 2011
Yoshiaki Uezaki (Japan), in 2nd place
Palle Sorensen (Denmark), in 3rd place

Please find the full results on

The World Chocolate Masters is an initiative of Barry Callebaut’s Gourmet brands Cacao Barry®, Callebaut® and Carma®.


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