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A world to choose from

Barry Callebaut presents an uniquely extended range of origin chocolates to choose from.
Origin Chocolates “Country Origin”
These chocolates – also known as single origin chocolate – are made with fine flavor cocoa beans harvested in 1 specific country or growing area within 1 country. The uniqueness of the soil, the climate and the habitat leaves its fingerprint on the cocoa beans grown there. It is exactly that fingerprint that has been captured in the taste of these origin chocolates.
Our country origin range comprises: Malaysia, Java, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Congo, Arriba, Ghana, Togo, Madagascar, Domenican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, Sao Tomé, Tanzania.
Origin Chocolates “Regional Origin”
Barry Callebaut can also make a selection of the rarest varieties within one region. Complementary varieties that matched in taste profile can be meticulously mixed in the right proportion, roasted and conched. The end result: origin chocolates that have both an expressive, aromatic character and offer a very balanced taste harmony. Different regional possibilities on demand.
Origin Chocolates “Limited Edtion”
A limited yet growing number of consumers today is in search of exclusive and premium products with an authentic character. That’s why Barry Callebaut can offer you a unique selection of “Limited edition” origin chocolates. Think of “grand cru” chocolate made with cocoa beans from one single plantation, origin chocolate with a Fairtrade or organic certificate, a very exclusive lot of origin chocolate made with a limited harvest of extremely rare Porcelana cocoa beans, vintage origins… These limited edition origin chocolates are the ultimate top in exclusivity and authentic purity.
For more information about the possibilities, please contact your local sales representative.