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Bass in coarse sea salt with bitter chocolate

4 persons


± 3 kg coarse sea salt
30 g satay powder
4 cl olive oil
4 pieces of bass fillet with skin, each 170 g

Fill a baking tray with the sea salt.
Sprinkle with water and bake for 1 minute at 250°C until it becomes a hard 'board'.
Keep warm.
Mix the satay spices with the oil.
Spread the skin side of the fish with this spiced oil.
Lay the bass fillet onto the board of salt and cook under the grill (4-7 minutes, depending on the thickness). The underside cooks on the warm board of salt, the top side under the grill.


15 g sugar
3 cl young balsamic vinegar
7.5 cl veal stock (not concentrated, unsalted)
7.5 cl port
40 g butter
20 g dark chocolate

Reduce the sugar and the balsamic vinegar until it becomes sirupy.
Add the veal stock and the port.
Reduce to 1/3.
Finish the sauce with butter and the chocolate.
Season with pepper (and salt if so desired).

Pumpkin purée

300 g de-seeded ripe pumpkin flesh
40 g butter

Cook the pumpkin.
Leave it to dry so that as much of the water evaporates.
Press through a sieve.
Beat up the pumpkin purée with butter.
Season with salt and pepper.

Finishing and presentation
Pipe a turret of pumpkin purée onto each plate.
Put the bass on the plate and draw a few sauce lines along.
If desired, serve with a few thin and crispy fried slices of taro or potato.