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What does Barry Callebaut do to protect the environment?


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We share one planet and need to make wise use of natural resources. Processing cocoa and making chocolate are energy-intensive activities, and transportation requirements are significant. As a responsible company, we want to contribute our part to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Global Environmental Policy, launched in June 2008, focuses on managing the use of energy and reducing carbon emissions. Further, we are looking at ways to improve utilization of lighting, water and other resources at our facilities worldwide. Beyond complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in the countries where we operate, we continuously work to improve the energy performance in every plant. We create awareness and promote the active involvement and accountability of employees in our environmental footprint. We are investing in more energy-efficient equipment for chocolate production and, where possible, we are modifying our processes to become cleaner in energy.

In fiscal year 2008/09, we set a 5-year target to reduce our overall energy consumption in our factories and facilities by 20% per metric ton output, reduce our carbon emissions by 20% per metric ton output, and increase our use of "green" energy by 20%. We also set goals to optimize the use of raw materials to reduce waste. In fiscal year 2010/11, we initiated additional energy management activities in all regions, and we are on track to achieve the targets as planned in 2014.