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If you want more information on Barry Callebaut inclusions or if you want our assistance on application fields and technical issues, you can contact your sales representative directly.

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Bake stable inclusions
With the variety of tastes and textures to include in bakery products, new creative ideas can quickly become reality. You can add the inclusion you want according to your or your customer’s wishes: pure chocolate in small, medium or large drops, small or long sticks, sticks with an extra taste or crunchy texture. They all resist oven temperatures perfectly, guaranteeing a great taste experience and superb mouth feel.

Confectionery, dessert and ice cream inclusions
Enriching confectionery, ice cream and desserts with playful or contrasting inclusions opens up great prospects for differentiating your products. Vary with tastes ranging from chocolate to colored & flavored compound inclusions. Surprise with textures from smooth and mellow to hard and crunchy. And since technical properties are always important: Barry Callebaut’s inclusions show a very stable behavior in numerous fat-based and water-based applications.


Special highlights

NEW Tricolore Mini Crispearls™
Tricolore mini Crispearls™ guarantee an overwhelming taste sensation. Made from the finest dark, milk and white chocolate couvertures around a toasted biscuit kernel. They can be included in confectionery, desserts and pastries for a tasty, crispy bite. Tricolore mini Crispearls™ keep their taste and crunch, even when mixed into chocolate mousse or ice cream and kept deep-frozen.