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Do you have a specific question? Or are you, as a food manufacturer or professional chocolate user, interested in our products? We are happy to help you.

We will do our best to answer as soon as possible. Please be advised that this response may be delayed by weekends and public holidays.
Please select one of the following links to ensure your message reaches the right person at Barry Callebaut.

    • Chocolate for Food Manufacturers
      Food Manufacturers business unit focuses on customer solutions for the entire food manufacturing industry. If you are a professional in the food manufacturing industry, please get in touch with your Food Manufacturers sales representative. If you want to contact our centers of scientific research, know-how and information exchange, please contact the Barry Callebaut Institutes.
    • Chocolate for Artisans & Chefs
      Artisans & Chefs covers our business for professional gourmet users such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakeries, hotels, restaurants and caterers. If you are a professional in one of these sectors, please contact your sales representative in Artisans & Chefs. Please contact our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ demonstration and training centers for any comments or questions to our teaching and training centers for artisans and professionals.
    • Cocoa products
      If you want more information on Barry Callebaut cocoa products, or if you want our assistance on application fields and technical issues, you can contact your Cocoa products sales representative directly.
    • Local sites
      Our Locations list contains contact information about our local sites.
    • Media
      Contact information for Media can be found on the Media entry page.
    • Investors
      For Investor relations inquiries, please use the Investor relations contact form.
    • Quality Assurance
      Please send your inquiries for our Quality Assurance department via the QA contact form.

    • Sourcing
      Please send your inquiries for our Sourcing department via the Sourcing contact form.
    • Human Resources
      Please use the Human Resources contact form to get in touch with Human Resources in all our locations.
    • General information request
      If you have a general question or if you want to send your comments about this website, please use this Feedback form.