Our business depends on cocoa

We care about sustainability and farmer livelihoods

Farmer education


Barry Callebaut’s Farmer Education program aims to develop and train the next generation of cocoa farmers.

The program has five areas of focus:

  • Provide cocoa curriculum
  • Support literacy, life skills and vocational training
  • Help to empower women and girls
  • Contribute to educational infrastructure
  • Support child labor sensitization activities
Farmer education

In 2013 Barry Callebaut built two rural primary schools (bringing the total number to 7 primary schools) and 13 teacher housing units, all equipped with solar-powered lighting. A third rural primary school was built in collaboration with The Hershey Company and it opened its doors in September 2013.

Two more schools and several classroom blocks are under construction and are scheduled for completion by September 2014, in time for the new school year.