Our business depends on cocoa

We care about sustainability and farmer livelihoods



Many consumers today are concerned about where, how and by whom the food they buy is produced. This has resulted in a heightened interest in industry standards and certification labels. We work with our customers who request cocoa or chocolate that carries a certain certification or is sourced from a specific origin to find solutions that best meet their needs on initiatives to enable farmers to improve their skills, knowledge and market access.

Certification means independent, third-party validation that certain conditions, as specified by the respective industry standard, are met in the growing, production and/or manufacturing of ingredients or products. This includes the segregation of the certified ingredients or products from those which are not certified.

Certification systems for sustainable cocoa focus on social, environmental and economic factors. Organic certification focuses mainly on factors that ensure sound, chemical-free agricultural practices.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance places special emphasis on environmental issues, including protection of natural resources and the management of chemical inputs (e.g., fertilizer, pesticide).

For more information: www.rainforest-alliance.org/agriculture/crops/cocoa


Barry Callebaut is certified by FLO-CERT, the independent international certification company for Fairtrade, to produce a range of Fairtrade cocoa and chocolate products. Our products are manufactured with raw materials purchased from Fairtrade-certified manufacturers. All of our Fairtrade certified products are manufactured in separate production runs.

For more information: www.fairtrade.net

UTZ Certified Good Inside Cocoa Program

Barry Callebaut joined the UTZ Certified Good Inside cocoa program in 2009 and became a member of its Steering Group. UTZ Certified, founded in 2002, is an international non-profit foundation dedicated to creating an open and transparent marketplace for agricultural products.

For more information: www.utzcertified.org