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Cocoa Horizons


In March, 2012, Barry Callebaut launched “Cocoa Horizons”, a CHF 40 million cocoa sustainability initiative to boost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods in key cocoa producing countries over 10 years. 

Barry Callebaut’s cocoa sustainability team comprises 58 colleagues globally, of which 35 in Côte d’Ivoire alone. It includes trainers, ecologists, agronomists, geographers, controllers, and auditors. The team works with cooperatives to organize training and support for their farmers and their communities.

In fiscal year 2012/2013, the company spent about CHF 10 million in farmer training, infrastructure and community education and health programs. The activities are being undertaken in cooperation with agricultural and development experts and government institutions. Barry Callebaut will focus first on large producer countries including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia, Cameroon and Brazil, and aims to expand the initiative, to other cocoa producing countries with high development potential over the coming years.

The Initiative builds upon Barry Callebaut’s own Quality Partner Program, which was launched in 2005.

The initiative encompasses three primary goals:

  • Farmer practices

    Farmer practices

    Enabling farmers to boost farm productivity and cocoa quality through training programs

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  • Farmer education

    Farmer education

    Training the next generation

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  • Farmer health

    Farmer health

    Improving access to basic health care and clean water in cocoa farming communities

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