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Graduate Trainee Program


Yourfuture@BC is the springboard for a promising career in an exciting industry.

'I love chocolate'

Source:  Journal 2011/12

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Graduate Trainee Program

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Graduate Trainee Program

Yourfuture@BC was created by Barry Callebaut to recruit, train and develop top young graduates for challenging international careers. With strong ambition and high performance, our trainees are able to grow, develop and progress with Barry Callebaut into positions where expertise is valued and entrepreneurship is fostered.

During a two year program we offer trainees the chance to learn and experience our business in one of our main functional areas such as Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Sourcing, and Innovations, among others. Trainees have the opportunity to get to know at least two of our more than 45 locations in 30 countries in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia. Read more about our Graduate Trainee Program.