Our success comes from employees working together – and sharing a passion for chocolate

Employer branding


Navigate the world of chocolate - Barry Callebaut’s Global Human Resources has developed a new employer branding campaign. A compass now guides you as you begin your voyage of discovery into the fascinating world of chocolate.

To work at Barry Callebaut is to live and breathe cocoa and chocolate. We are the heart and engine of the chocolate industry. Our global reach and variety of our activities present employees a wide range of choices, but also considerable challenges, requiring passion, commitment, personal initiative, team spirit and a strong sense of responsibility.

Barry Callebaut compass

As a company at the forefront of its industry, Barry Callebaut aims to attract the brightest and best to build its growing business. The compass in our campaign is a graphic depiction that captures the dynamics and interconnections of this complex industry and our company in a simplified way. The compass not only shows how the many facets of the business are related, it also describes the values and strengths of the colleagues that sustain and drive it.  Read more in the Careers section.