Guaranteeing food safety

We take pride in continuously improving our quality standards

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


Barry Callebaut applies GMP in all of its factories to ensure the production of safe and consistent quality products.

The uniform implementation of corporate GMP standards ensures that all products are produced, stored and handled under clean and sanitary conditions. GMP standards cover, hygiene practices, building and facilities design, as well as production and process controls, etc. All critical processes are validated to guarantee compliance with specifications and corporate standards. Barry Callebaut GMP standards are continuously reviewed and benchmarked against the latest developments in food safety.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) – HACCP is systematic approach to ensure food safety by identifying specific hazards of physical, chemical, biological or allergenic nature and to define measures to control them. At Barry Callebaut, an integrated HACCP management plan is in place for all stages of the production process and fully embedded in the Quality Management System. Building on Good Manufacturing Practices, it provides a preventative approach to ensure the quality and safety of all products and the environment in which they are produced.

Allergens: Our strategy is to risk assess and manage allergens at all steps of the supply chain, beginning with our own sourced cocoa beans and other raw materials before entry into our production sites. In manufacturing we practice good allergen management through segregation and separation of activities and ingredients, strict labelling and thorough cleaning to remove allergens. Where inadvertent cross contact is unavoidable, for example, on a shared manufacturing line for milk and dark chocolate, we indicate the possible presence of allergens on our product information labels for customers.