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Cocoa is a fragile and sensitive crop, grown in a narrow geographical band near the Equator primarily by smallholder farmers and their families in some of the poorest, infrastructure-weak regions of the world. Cocoa farming is labor-intensive and lack of access to reliable information as well as new planting materials and other inputs make life in these areas difficult.

Cocoa Sustainability Report 2013/14

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Corporate responsibility and sustainability

Source: Sustainability report 2012/13

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Increasing productivity and improving the quality of the cocoa produced on smallholder farms, particularly in West and Central Africa, is our main area of focus. We support farmer training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) including how to improve soil fertility and yields, post-harvest management, disease and pest management, and biodiversity. Higher yields of better quality cocoa offer opportunities for farmers to earn higher income. Improving access to education and basic health care for cocoa farmers and their families in communities where such services are insufficient or unavailable is also important.

  • Cocoa Horizons

    Cocoa Horizons

    A global sustainability initiative launched in March 2012 that aims to improve yields and livelihoods on a large scale.

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  • Quality Partner Program

    Quality Partner Program

    A long-term sustainability program launched in Côte d’Ivoire in 2005 and expanded to Cameroon in 2010

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  • The Biolands Group

    The Biolands Group

    The Biolands model of direct cooperation offers training, material and equipment to farmers across Africa

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  • Cocoa Center of Excellence

    Cocoa Center of Excellence

    Our new center for model farming and training for cocoa trainers and cooperative managers

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  • Certification


    Independent, third-party validation that cocoa is grown according to defined criteria

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  • Cocoa truck

    Cocoa truck

    Delivering awareness, training and medical advice into remote cocoa growing areas

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  • Controlled fermentation

    Controlled fermentation

    An innovative method to improve bean fermentation

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  • Responsible labor practices

    Responsible labor practices

    Engaging with cocoa farming communities to protect children and promote safe working conditions

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  • Industry partnerships

    Industry partnerships

    Cooperation across the industry

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  • Supplier guidelines

    Supplier guidelines

    We have established clear guidelines for our suppliers

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