la Morella nuts

Five reasons why nuts are the next thrill


More and more consumers are acquiring a taste for small, affordable items of luxury food that bring self-indulgence and brighten up the day. Nuts play a special role in this trend. They are becoming the next big thing on consumers’ minds. Here’s why.


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Reason 1: All over the world, consumers love the taste of nuts
Guess what one of the favorite ice cream flavors is? And how consumers like their chocolate bars even better? Sure: with nuts. Consumers around the world seem to have developed a preference for almonds, hazelnuts and pecans. In many sweet applications, almonds are even listed as their top favorite.

Reason 2: The premium product segment shows double-digit growth. Hello nuts!
Premium foods today are all about more and multi: more flavors combined, or “multi-flavors.” More complexity to be discovered, multi-textures that bring variation and surprise. Nuts have all that: match the brittle crunch of a crocant with the creamy, mellow roundness of a fine praline… and you seduce the palate.

Reason 3: Consumers want food to be natural, with minimal processing. Say fresh, say nuts!
Taste, texture, natural origin… With nuts, you tick all the boxes. The nuts sourced by Barry Callebaut and la Morella nuts are great, super-natural ingredients, grown in the best orchards in the world: Piemonte, Valencia, Catalunya, Nappa valley… They are stored in the best conditions and shelled just before minimal, honest processing. The result: a great natural, fruity taste that adds fresh appeal to your food products. 

Reason 4: Nuts and chocolate… consumers say it’s the ultimate combination
Consumers love chocolate even more with nuts. And once they get the taste, their interest takes them beyond hazelnuts and almonds and leads them towards chocolate with walnuts, pistachio, pine nuts etc. Nuts also add crisp and crunch to chocolate and enhance the taste experience. Plus the fruity, toasted flavors in the nuts boost the chocolate taste sensation and give it extra depth. In short, chocolate and nuts are a winning combination that makes food products attractive to buy.

Reason 5: Nuts are deliciously healthy
We’ve kept the best for last. Since the EU dietary recommendations have been updated, foods from natural sources with minimal processing are gaining support. Nuts are praised for their health-giving oils and abundant minerals and vitamins. Recent studies even suggest protection from cardiovascular disease*. These facts feed expectations that consumers will respond eagerly to foods containing nuts.

Today, Barry Callebaut is honored to bring you the la Morella nuts range. It offers you an extensive choice of premium nut products. All delicately roasted and freshly processed with great respect for the natural, fruity properties of the produce. The la Morella nuts products simply excel with their unrivalled freshness, fruity taste and mildly toasted flavor. The whole nut products, pure nut pastes, crocants, sablages and nougatines are a perfect match for your premium confectionery, ice cream and dessert products.