Origin chocolate



Location: Cologne, Germany

Date: February 01 - 04, 2015

Barry Callebaut will be present at the ISM 2014, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks in Cologne (26/01/2014 – 29/01/2014). Discover Barry Callebaut’s answers to tomorrow’s chocolate trends at its booth (Hall 10.2 booth C010- D019) in Cologne.

Barry Callebaut will present its extended range of compound coatings and diversely flavored fillings. These specialty offerings are customized solutions for the dairy, confectionery, bakery products as well as ice cream segment.

Another technology breakthrough Barry Callebaut will be presenting at the ISM fair in Cologne is its Cocoart™ Collection. The red and purple cocoa powders used as colorings have been obtained by patented cocoa processing (Patent Number WO 2010/093030). This innovation answers to the growing demand for clean labels and is, above all, the opening chapter of a whole new storybook: 100 % E-number free colored designs.

“Barry Callebaut is the only player in the market able to produce and offer E-number free designs based on cocoa, printed on transfer sheets or rolls for food applications. Revolutionary element in the collection is the world’s first all-natural, e-number free red color. Therefore the Cocoart Collection™ holds a unique position on the market”, Sofie De Lathouwer, Marketing Director FM Western Europe, explains.

Another showstopper at the ISM fair will be the extended range of decorations. Discover the brand new Shiny Nibs™ in Barry Callebaut’s comprehensive range of cocoa nibs and learn all about the Crispy Mignature™ inclusions meant for one-shot applications.

Origin chocolates are made with cocoa beans harvested in one specific country or growing area within one country. The uniqueness of the soil, the climate and the habitat leave their distinctive fingerprint on the cocoa beans. Barry Callebaut will take the trend of single origin chocolate to the next level. Come and visit us to discover how!

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