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'Volcano': aerated, crunchy chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hands

September 16, 2009

Barry Callebaut has developed a new chocolate under code name “Volcano”. This chocolate innovation offers two groundbreaking product benefits: it is aerated (it contains little air bubbles) and is heat-resistant.

1. Volcano is heat-resistant 

Volcano is a newly developed crunchy chocolate that uses ingredients from a 100% natural source. It can be called chocolate according to European food legislation. It is heat-resistant which means that the chocolate will not melt in your hands but only in your mouth. While standard chocolate starts melting at body temperature, or already at 30°C, Volcano chocolate only melts at approximately 55°C.

Barry Callebaut managed to raise the melting point by introducing a special step in the production process. This innovation allows consumers to eat chocolate without getting sticky fingers. It is also a great product for countries with a warm climate or for countries where logistics and cooling systems are not perfect.

  • Volcano melts in your mouth as soon as it gets in touch with your saliva. The sugar dissolves in your mouth and gives a sweet impulse for the chocolate flavor that spreads intensely on your tongue.
  • Volcano is a crunchy chocolate that maintains its crunchiness even after months if you keep it hermetically closed. The chocolate is very hygroscopic which means that water and humidity can affect the product.

2. Volcano has an extremely airy texture

The Volcano chocolate has plenty of little air bubbles, because it is inflated. As a result, the density of Volcano chocolate is approximately 90% lower than for standard chocolate, which means indicatively: you can eat 10 pieces of Volcano chocolate, while you are ingesting the calories of only one piece of standard chocolate.

In applications, due to its very high volume, less Volcano chocolate can be used and can lead to a very light end product. The final caloric count will depend on the recipe and the application which Volcano chocolate is used for.

3. Volcano chocolate offers a delicious chocolate taste and rich aroma

Chocolate is an indulgence product. Taste, therefore, is of primary importance.
Volcano chocolate has a rich chocolate flavor and chocolate aroma.
It is available in the following varieties and flavors:

  • Dark: strongest taste and firm structure
  • Milk: sweetest of the three, light and crunchy (not creamy) texture
  • White: creamy taste, white as snow
  • Other possible flavors are lemon, strawberry, other fruits, honey, cappuccino, green tea, etc.

4. Volcano chocolate may be used for many different applications

Volcano chocolate is only available in solid. It is very well suited as a foamy, crunchy center, for biscuits & for inclusions. It can be moulded into basically any shape to be eaten as such, being a very light piece of chocolate air.


Product development history

Barry Callebaut started working on this unique chocolate about three years ago. The product idea was created by Barry Callebaut Switzerland which then worked closely with Barry Callebaut’s Centre of Expertise for Chocolate Research based in Wieze, Belgium, as well as colleagues from Barry Callebaut in France. The chocolate is currently being presented to Barry Callebaut’s international food manufacturing customers; Barry Callebaut will not bring it to market under its own brand name. It will take another two years before the product can be found on store shelves.


* * *

Barry Callebaut has long been committed to innovation and has developed several groundbreaking products such as sugar-reduced and/or fat-reduced chocolate, probiotic chocolate which is good for your digestion, toothfriendly chocolate ACTICOA™ (extra flavanol-rich) chocolate which is good for your heart and has an anti-aging effect