Barry Callebaut introduces new chocolate products for food manufacturers in North America

Aug 01, 2007

Barry Callebaut today unveiled a variety of new chocolate products designed to meet the growing needs of food manufacturers in the North American market.

A surprising combination of exciting, healthy new tastes: Barry Callebaut launches White Chocolate & Real Fruit

Jul 02, 2007
Barry Callebaut presents a new range of chocolates -“White Chocolate & Real Fruit”. The new range combines two major consumer trends: the search for new and exciting taste experiences and the growing demand for healthy or functional food. “White Chocolate & Real Fruit” is available in ten exciting combinations, allowing food manufacturers to extend the chocolate season with numerous possibilities.

Barry Callebaut funds research into health enhancing chocolate: Developing special chocolate for diabetics

Apr 23, 2007
Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate, is exploring the health benefits of cocoa butter for diabetics. Studies conducted by the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) in Stockholm, Sweden, found that cocoa butter might be better for diabetics than other fats. Barry Callebaut is funding a research project at the CMM to find out which component of the cocoa butter is responsible for this effect and whether it would be possible to develop a health enhancing chocolate for diabetes sufferers.

Exciting new research points to the potentially life-prolonging effects of Barry Callebaut’s ACTICOA™ chocolate: chocolate that makes you live longer

Jan 17, 2007
Scientific research into the nutritional benefits of cocoa continues to unlock the secrets of this remarkable fruit. The positive effects of cocoa polyphenols on health and well-being have been known for some time now and the list of proven properties of these powerful antioxidants continues to grow. A recent study conducted by the independent ETAP Research Center in France is breaking entirely new ground in establishing links between the consumption of polyphenols and longevity. Its findings point to the possibility that cocoa polyphenols not only improve the quality of life, especially when getting older, but may well play a part in prolonging it as well. The study concluded that the lifespan of rats consuming Barry Callebaut’s ACTICOA™ cocoa polyphenol powder was 30% longer than that of rats subjected to the same stress levels without being given cocoa polyphenols. 

Barry Callebaut at the ISM 2007 in Cologne. Innovations in chocolate: the seducing power of taste and health

Dec 13, 2006
Innovation at Barry Callebaut always starts from the cocoa bean: a natural resource of hundreds of substances with potential health benefits. The trick is to find ways to use these naturally present substances and to preserve them throughout the chocolate making process. Health and indulgence – these are the two main areas in which Barry Callebaut innovates.