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Barry Callebaut reveals innovation in Chocolate at the ISM 2006

January 31, 2006


At the ISM 2006, Barry Callebaut will present a series of remarkable chocolate, cocoa and chocolate-related innovations. At the FIE 2005, Barry Callebaut welcomed many visitors, a heart-warming confirmation that the demand for qualitative chocolate is still increasing.

Amongst the items on display at ISM 2006 are:

  • Polyphenols: the hidden secret in chocolate
  • Chocolate without added sugar, with reduced sugar, sugar free chocolate
  • Origin chocolate
  • Organic and fair-trade chocolate and cocoa powder
  • Milk chocolate with honey
  • Crystal Cocoa
  • Low Trans Fatty Acids products
Polyphenols: the hidden secret of chocolate

Cocoa is renowned for its flavour, its tempting aromas and its richness in valuable minerals and vitamins. Scientific studies have also shown that cocoa is rich in anti-oxidants. In particular, the polyphenols present in raw cocoa have proved to be extremely valuable. They are more abundantly present in cocoa than in tea or red wine and can even play an important role in prevention and treatment of some health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Barry Callebaut set up a research program in collaboration with leading medical scientists, with promising results. Traditional cocoa processing techniques however reduce the quantity of the valuable polyphenols in cocoa. Barry Callebaut therefore has created a new cocoa processing method that preserves the natural polyphenols in cocoa. We are confident that this will lead to a revolutionary range of new cocoa powders and liquors that can also boost your business, opening the door to tastier, healthier cocoa products.


Chocolate without added sugar, reduced sugar and sugar free chocolate
Traditional chocolate contains 30 to 55% added sugar – apart from the natural sugars already present in the ingredients (e.g. lactose present in milk powder) and roasted nuts.Consumers today choose more often for products without added sugar, reduced sugar or for sugar free products. Barry Callebaut has developed a range of chocolate based on Maltitol – without added sugar. In parallel with this range, Barry Callebaut has developed a range of chocolate with reduced sugar (30% less in comparison to comparable traditional products) and a sugar free range.

Origin chocolate

Each cocoa is as unique as its origin. Barry Callebaut sources its own beans from the world’s leading cocoa producing regions. Because of this expertise Barry Callebaut was able to create a range of dark and milk chocolate made with cocoa beans from a specific geographical location and botanical origin, allowing people to discover a world of differences in taste and aromas. The cocoa beans originate from Central & South America, West Africa and Asia. By combining two pure Asian beans Milk origin chocolate was developed. Also two Asian origin milk chocolates are available.

Organic and fair-trade chocolate and cocoa powder
To qualify as ‘Organic’, products must be sourced from organic horticulture or agriculture. Only natural, environmentally friendly techniques may be used. The use of genetically manipulated seeds is absolutely forbidden. The compliance of this stringent legislation is assured with checks being carried out by government-accredited organizations, such as ECOCERT (France and Belgium) and NAFTA (Asia-Pacific). Barry Callebaut has several certified Organic chocolates that meet the EU requirements.

Apart from the importance of healthy food, another tendency is present: the growing demand for fair-trade products. Barry Callebaut offers a wide range of products that are certified Fair-trade. Barry Callebaut guarantees this certification by purchasing ingredients from manufacturers recognised by the Fairtraide Labelling Organization. This worldwide non-profit umbrella organization ensures fair-trade between farmers/producers and their direct customers.

Milk chocolate with honey

Barry Callebaut reveals a great combination of nature’s best: chocolate with real honey powder. It unites both popular flavours into one superb milk chocolate, ready for the most diverse applications. This milk chocolate with real honey taste is a mixture of creamy milk chocolate with real honey powder. The result is a subtle sweet and natural tasting milk chocolate, appreciated by 7-70. This product equals 100% natural origin: real honey powder (1.5%) added to 100% creamy milk chocolate. It contains no colouring agents and on the labelling: mentioning “with real honey” is allowed, if the ingredient list clearly states: honey powder. This product guarantees easy processing and handling identical as traditional chocolates.

Crystal Cocoa

Through our mastery of cocoa processing technology, we are able to create the cocoa powder concept with non-hygroscopic character. Put quite simply, Crystal cocoa does not absorb any moisture! That makes it perfect for decorating or topping desserts that are kept for instance in moist environment. Traditional cocoa powders very quickly take up moisture from the dessert or from condensation in packaging, thus compromising the fresh, attractive presentation. The colour of the cocoa powder becomes darker and the powder partly dissolves – but not with the Crystal Cocoa powder. It retains its powdery texture and colour, even in a moist environment or on a creamy or liquid-based dessert. That’s how technology helps us to create new cocoa powders that make traditional desserts such as tiramisu, ice cream, ice cakes, bavarois, mousses… look and taste even better.

Low TFA (trans fatty acids) products

Trans fatty acids have been heavily criticised in several scientific and food publications and are often being regarded as the ‘bad fats’ – both by scientists, food manufacturers, … and the consumer. Consumers increasingly care about their health, they read up, inform themselves and are sensible to products tackling this issue. Barry Callebaut has subjected its whole product range to a strict study and reduced the trans fatty acids to 2,9% on all incoming vegetable fats (coming from 7,7%). An impressive reduction without altering the delicious taste, texture, technical and product qualities. With this turnaround Barry Callebaut is anticipating new European and transatlantic guidelines and theirs client’s request to lower the trans fatty acids in products.

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